12 – 13 Sept. 23
Kursaal Bern
International Speakers
Workshops & Dialogue

12 – 13 Sept. 22

Kursaal Bern

International Speakers

Workshops & Dialogue

How can we make Switzerland more sustainable together? Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Switzerland initiative, we are launching the Swiss Sustainability Forum, a new dialog platform on the topic of sustainability. 

Together with strong companies and important topic leaders as a driving force, we are making the sustainable development of Swiss entrepreneurship visible and promoting exchange among the general public.

Recap: 23 September 2022

Business Day

The SSF Business Day is aimed at thought leaders with a common vision: “Towards a Sustainable Swiss Future”. We bring together business, science and politics and shed light on the challenges facing companies and society.

Recap: 24 September 2022

Public Day

We sensitize, inspire and encourage reflection. The public part of the Swiss Sustainability Forum is a world of experience for young and old, freely accessible and free of charge.

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Together, we are creating a sustainable future for Switzerland.