Art as food for thought – philosophising about biodiversity with the Creaviva

Creative Studio Biodiversity

Paul Klee was intensively concerned with nature and the process of becoming, growing and passing away, and he placed man on a “fraternal level” with nature. Together with the audience, the Creaviva creates a place for artistic reflection on biodiversity: guests are guided by art mediators to contribute their thoughts and feelings through creative co-creation, so that a large collective work is created. In addition, the Creaviva goes in search of voices and offers the young audience a platform to express opinions and initiate debates.

Bern Animal Park – More room for variety

Grasping Diversity – An Experience for All 5 Senses

Bern Animal Park, with its gorgeous woodland site on the River Aare, offers its animals more room to move and people more room for a thrilling experience.

You can discover animals, touch pelts, bones and all kinds of other animal parts, smell animal scents and experience the sounds that animals make. Our team are only too happy to share their extensive scientific knowledge of nature in all its glory to help you understand the animals’ behaviour and their needs. During the SSF, the Bern Animal Park’s multitude of ‘wild’ residents will give visitors a glimpse of the wonders of nature. An invitation to everyone to marvel and get a (literal) feel for animals.

Too many clothing brands produce too many clothes – Rework is different

Upcycling second-hand clothes

Come in an old shirt and trousers and you leave with a new bag on your arm. This miraculous scenario is quite feasible at Rework. With sewing machines directly on site, old clothes are re-sewn into new pieces. All with the intention of extending the life of textiles – because nothing is more sustainable than that which does not have to be manufactured anew. This is the fascination of upcycling: no material production is necessary, no cultivation areas, no water and no chemicals are needed.

Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs

SEF.NextGen Community Camp

24 members of the SEF.NextGen community aged 18 to 27 develop solutions to the problems of our partners. The focus of the problems is on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During two hours, the young talents develop solutions, which they pitch to the case donors at the end.

A utopian microcosm full of solidarity, mindfulness and empathy

fem*ergy collective

The fem*ergy collective, founded in Berlin, brings together the musical worlds of indie artists Ay Wing, Cégiu, Donia Touglo, Mariama and Johanna Amelie as a supergroup. These artists, each expressing themselves in their own unique musical language, share their messages, poetic visions of joy and healing, but also the reality of marginalised identities.

From the retina directly into the heart

Fair Traders

Business not quite as usual. «Fair Traders» follows three entrepreneurs who take responsibility for society and future generations. They all operate sustainably and produce without destroying the environment and exploiting people.

«Fair Traders» encourages people to actively participate in shaping our future in a fair way.

free entry

Sustainable urban development

Inventing the city of the future

Cities are catalysts for sustainable development. What will the city of the future expect from us? What will constitute a neighbourhood? How can we shape Bern in a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable manner?

Based on the example of famous Bern buildings, we are working with participative workshops to develop visions of the future, also known as achievable utopias. People and experienced facilitators work together to create circular ideas that have the potential to become reality. Participation is free. Registration required.


Flashmob “Energy”

In this workshop, we will learn a flash mob dance packed with energy. We will experiment with movement and dance on the theme of energy and how it is converted. How does energy move? What stops energy? Where do energy impulses go?
The flash mob will be run several times during the event and involve the audience.

No dancing experience is required to take part. It’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself!

Photo exhibition

The 2030 agenda for Switzerland and the world

At the 2016 annual conference of Swiss Development Work on the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, the Swiss Development Cooperative (SDC) commissioned a photo exhibition from young photographer Dario Lanfranconi illustrating the 17 goals for sustainable development. The pictures on display were taken as part of this project.

These 17 goals in 17 pictures give food for thought as to the potential contributions Switzerland could make and act as a reminder that global demands transcend national borders and that all parties involved worldwide – both public and private – have a mutual influence on each other.

Second-hand is booming. But what is the real benefit?

2nd Life: from textile waste to hipster shirt

The fashion industry is anything but sustainable. The textile industry accounts for ten percent of global CO2 emissions. This is more than that caused by international air traffic and maritime shipping combined. People who are constantly buying new clothes are harming the environment.

Textile producers, start-ups and clothing collectors are trying to tackle the problem with new, innovative ideas: Their aim is to keep clothes in circulation for as long as possible. Can fashion be sustainable? Or do we simply have to refrain more? Is there a limit to the growth here?

We discuss with makers and experts creative solutions that offer a more environmentally friendly alternative for consumers.

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